This program is a Scholarship Program. This program is designed to provide assistance with the financial needs of deserving students who are involved in Shape-Note Music. The program will grant monetary scholarships and also offer assistance in other ways to students who express an interest in furthering the growth of Shape-Note Music. To receive such financial aid, the students have to be enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning, be able to demonstrate financial need, and be committed to preserving and expanding the tradition of Shape-Note Singing.

Guidelines for Scholarship Applications

1. Applicant must be a participating singer and leader of Sacred Harp or other shape note music

2. Applicant must attend and participate at shaped note singings regularly.

3. Applicant should demonstrate interest in supporting, preserving and promulgating Sacred Harp and/or other shape note music.

4. Applicant must be enrolled in an accredited school of higher learning, furnishing proof of enrollment from the institution. 

5. Applicant must furnish proof of financial need. 

Steps for Application

1. Fill out form below, please include all information and be as accurate as possible.

2. Please scan in and email to us at the email below proof of acceptance or enrollment. IRS regulations require that Gift Scholarship checks be made payable to you AND your school.

3. Email a current photo of time of Scholarship Application.

Email proof of acceptance or enrollment, current photo and additional info if needed to

If you do not wish to submit your information electronically you can click on the link below for a printable version and mail it in to the address on the printable form.

Upon receipt and evaluation of Application, the Scholarship Committee will render a FINAL decision upon the merits of the application.

Printable Scholarship Application
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Printable Scholarship Application
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Scholarship Form

Please fill out form and click Submit below

Name and address of school:
Academic year:
History of your interest in Shape-note singing:
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Statement of financial need: